Pre-registration for San Francisco workshop closing soon

The practice starts where concepts stop.
To encourage pre-registration, we are offering a $20 discount (workshop fee of $100, lunch included) for all who register by February 11, 2009. Please join us for the first of many Lost Coin gatherings in San Francisco!
Join Doen Sensei and the Lost Coin group in San Francisco for a one-day workshop. The workshop will help you see the conditioned story of your life, shed the fables that enslave you, and truly put yourself into your life.
The workshop will include meditation techniques such as zazen and koan study that are used to attain realization or enlightenment. We will also practice embodiment techniques including self observation, becoming “objective” to ourselves and others, and “losing” the story of our lives.
This workshop will be held on February 21, 2009 at a.Muse Gallery (614 Alabama Street, San Francisco). For more information and to register, visit