Creative Commons License photo credit: jenny downing


If we observe our thoughts we can see that they flow from one to another without stop. I would like to look at an aspect of this that I will call the sphere of implication. The sphere of implication is all the ideas, beliefs and world views attached to experience – its meaning. The meaning of an abstraction or a snowflake or a person.
What happens when we remove the sphere of implication and the associated thoughts? You have the thing itself, the basis of reality. You have no eye, ear nose, tongue, body, mind – the ground of being. You have the thing itself, the snowflake itself.
From this basis, this thoughtless truth, the sphere of implication fills the universe Рand is nothing but the flowerings of  of the mind. Sphere upon spheres, flowering in the air, flowering through time РendlesslyCreative Commons License

Wonderful snowflakes, they fall nowhere else but here