If Only

If Only


“Sit, be still, and listen,

because you’re drunk

and we’re at

the edge of the roof.”

This quote by Rumi is difficult to add  to. But I find it so amazing that I’m going to try. We seem to be filled with our own thoughts and agendas. We don’t originate those thoughts or the agendas, yet they drive us. They are mechanical and we act them out like a machine or sleepwalker. Rumi is suggesting that we  might want to wake up and that we might want to do it before we fall off the roof. As I like to say “If only, if only, if only – dead.
Rumi is saying we are asleep, drunk. Just a few minutes of being awake in the beautiful unknowable world. What is it worth? How much we might experience and be able to do if we weren’t drunk.
He gives us the key to all of it. Sit, be still and listen. In addition to that we can practice not being asleep/drunk in our daily lives. These actions  create a powerful practice. That practice is transmitted from one person to another, handed down through time for those of us who are not completely drunk. We can act on that esoteric or special knowledge. It takes courage and making up our minds.
The edge of the roof is in sight.
If only, if only, if only – dead.
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Finalist Best Book Award 2010

Finalist Best Book Award 2010

3D  (Nerostraße)

Sensei’s Wonderland:The Zen of Alice, published by Parallax Press has received yet another accolade.  It is a finalist in the 2010 Best Books Award in the general spirituality area.  Congratulations to Sensei for continuing recognition of a talented and substantive book that goes “down the hole” with Lost Coin teachings.

Check it out the awards site at www.usabooknews.com/bestbooks2010

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With or Without a Rope

With or Without a Rope

rope seamless tile

We bind ourselves without a rope. What that means is that we are free and perfect just the way we are, but we feel somehow bound.
There is nothing we lack, but we feel something lacking.
So we may choose to “practice” in order  to feel that freedom and perfection  in our life: in our relationships, careers, and our pursuits.
To practice and to realize our freedom requires great commitment and effort.
So isn’t that just another way of tying ourselves up?
No, it isn’t – when we truly commit to excellence in our pursuits, to the integrity of our lives,  we have chosen our “way” and are completely free.

It’s not exactly that there is no rope. It’s that we become the rope.  If we are the rope, is there a rope?

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When the UNSEEN becomes SEEN, beauty EMERGES! Galway, the gateway to the West of IRELAND : Reflections of BEAUTY : Enjoy! :)

Many people understand “being in the now” as what Zen is all about.  First of all, everyone is” in the now” all the time, anyway 🙂

The real problem is in the understanding part of it.

You can have a great life, accomplish all you want and discover who you really are without knowing what its all about. I mean lets get real -who does? In fact, understanding can make it harder to be “in the now”.  Understanding limits you. Understanding limits your understanding.

Werner Erhart, founder of EST , now known as The Landmark Forum:  www.landmarkeducation.com/once said “In life, understanding is the booby prize.”

Am I advocating a certain kind of stupidity?
I certainly am. It’s a kind of stupidity that can set us free.
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