Winter Light

Winter Light

Our light is sometimes described as a white light. This does not mean that it is the color white but that it has no color at all. In order to discover it we must forget about our eyes, ears, nose, sense of touch, emotions, and thoughts. We must leave ourselves behind. Then there is of course, nothing to find the light with and no way to find the light.
If after we have done all this,  we can make our way to this light then it is the lost coin, the true light.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

The Bright and Shining Real World

The Bright and Shining Real World

‘The bright and shining mind is never absent but is colored by the thoughts and emotions people put on it”                                                             

                                                                                                                                 Shayamuni Buddha from the Anguttara Nikaya

And the thoughts and emotions we cling to are what the Buddha refers to as attachment.  We become so attached to our thoughts about the world, that for us these thoughts and states become the real world.

Yes, but aren’t our thoughts real?

 Yes they are really thoughts.

Perhaps we cling to our thoughts to avoid what we see as the real world.  The world of disease, loss, old age and death. The world in which everything is impermanent.

But we have a choice. The road the Buddha took.  Instead of thinking about the world of impermanence and suffering we can embrace it, become one with it.  This is practice and the road to liberation.

What would it be like to completely accept everything that comes with life and death, completely?

It would be to cross over to the other shore.

This shore.

Creative Commons License photo credit: A Chilling Soul

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day


Arctic Ground Squirrel

Happy Groundhog Day!
For those of you who live in Europe and may not have heard of Groundhog Day, it was wonderfully explored in a Bill Murray film of the same name.  In it, Bill Murray lives the exact same day, over and over again.  In short, he founds out how life is for most of us.  He also finds out that he is a “minor god”:
Here, in the States, it is a day in which the length of winter is predicted when a groundhog comes out of the ground in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania today, February 2.   If he casts a shadow, winter is far from ending.  If he does not, spring is about to come.
We have chosen this day to release the February updates to the Study Center. These include three new videos in the video library which continue our curriculum for Lost Coin. Two of these videos are under the Training component and one is under Realization.  There is also an audio from the recent Intensive, Practicing Relationship,  as well as three  Zen poems in the writing section of Conscious Art by well-known adepts with open Dharma eyes.
We  have also included some writings of Takuan which are our first offerings in the new Performance and Excellence section.  A thousand years later Takuan’s teachings are as alive  today as they were then.   Additionally there are two new musical compositions in the musica section intended to focus on the art of improvisation.
With this much new material, we feel confident that anyone can break the chain of samsara and stop living the same day over and over.
One again, Happy Groundhog Day.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Vernon.