About Lost Coin


Lost Coin is a modern Zen group established to create excellence in daily life.  Aside from traditional Zen training: including zen meditation, koan study, and personal interview with the teacher, Lost Coin also focuses on psychological applications in daily life.  It includes performance coaching and development of  excellence in entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and excellence in the arts and sciences.  Lost Coin utilizes daily life as the source of  spiritual and developmental practice.  This includes the participants’ jobs, their relationships and their families.  The intention is to assist the practitioner in really living their lives in an integrative way.  Instead of a going to a monastery away from the world to study, Lost Coin practitioners use the world they really live in as the syllabus and the cauldron.

Lost Coin is an international organization, rather than a “center”.  Although we have three sites (San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Duesseldorf), and its members get together on a regular basis in Europe or the United States, we remain in contact daily through the use of skype, video, our blog, our group on Second Life.

The focus of Lost Coin is on making the practice real and relevant- to increase members’ abilities to perform in the world and to deeply appreciate their lives.

About Doen Roshi

Daniel Doen Silberberg is a Zen teacher, performance coach, and author based in San Francisco.  He is known for his warm, personal teaching style which emphasizes excellence in contemporary daily life.  He is the founder of Lost Coin Zen, an international organization that trains students to empower themselves, and to embrace modern, everyday life as an opportunity for spiritual practice.

Doen received transmission of the Zen lineage and Inka from Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi,  founder of Big Mind and Abbot of Kanzeon International.  Earlier, Roshi had trained under John Daido Loori, Roshi Abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery, and Taizan Maezumi, Roshi, the founder of the White Plum Lineageof Zen.

Daniel ‘s first book, Wonderland: The Zen of Alice, was published by Parallax Press in 2009 and picked up by Random House for publication in Germany.  There is also a Korean edition in the works.  A chapter of the book is featured in Shambala Publishing’s 2010 edition of Best Buddhist Writing.

Doen brings to his teaching a rich and varied background that reflects his own quest for excellence.  This includes work as a practicing psychologist, award-winning composer, and avid martial artist.  His current interest include chess, technology and stock trading.

contact info: contact@lostcoinzen.com

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