17th Annual Lost Coin Gathering of the Clan & Retreat. October 3-8, 2023

Santa Sabina Retreat Center in San Rafael, California 

Autumn comes.  

Its song is in every breeze, on every branch.  

It fills the sky with winds that circle without end. 

There is no place that Autumn does not reach.

– Doen Roshi

 For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, we are joyful to practice in person for this year’s annual gathering at Santa Sabina in San Rafael, California where many of our past gatherings have taken place. This retreat will conclude our intensive training period (Ango) with five days of zazen, teisho, dokusan & daisan, ceremonies, empowerments, and opportunities to practice together and honor our traditional roots.
We will be able to spend both formal and casual time with Roshi and the Senseis. 

As our Ango period has been dedicated to the practice of “Gentling the Bull”, this gathering will concentrate on the self-development practices that arise and complement the realization of our true nature, our potential, and its embodiment in each of us.

Come and practice together in a deep and intimate way, taking this time to honor our history and the continuation of the dharma– which is nothing other than our life.


Please write kellibratvold@gmail.com by September 10 to confirm attandance or for more information:

– room choice

– payment method & date

– any dietary restrictions

– covid vaccination status

If you are participating in Jukai, Shukke Tokudo, Denkai or Shusso, Kelli will send information on any applicable ceremony fees.
Details on Covid safety precautions to follow.

Check in at Santa Sabina is 3p, Tuesday October 3.
Check out is 12p Sunday October 8, a sangha celebration will follow!



Lost Coin is an international organization with weekly online meetings. The Lost Coin Clan comes together for Sesshin/Intensives & Workshops at least four times yearly. We practice together and remain close through our Lost Coin Arts & Ways practice, The Lost Coin Study Center, online meetings, and email groups.

SUNDAY • ZAZEN, DOKUSAN, & TEISHO with Daniel Don Silberberg Roshi

Sunday Class & Dokusan is open to any and all Lost Coin students. If you will attend Sunday’s class, you may sign up for Dokusan with Roshi. Join us on Zoom from 9-11a PST // 10-12p MT // 12-2p EST // 6-8p CEST. For more information please contact us here.

MONDAY • ZAZEN + ZEN BONES with Julie and Wanda

Zen Bones is open to any and all Lost Coin students. Join us on Zoom from 5-6p PST // 6-7p MT // 8-9p EST. For more information please contact us here.



In support of our daily zazen practice, we have virtual morning zazen together with the Lost Coin sangha every Wednesday morning; 5:35 – 6:45am PST, 6:35 – 7:45am MST, 8:35 – 9:45am EST, and 2:35 – 3:45am CEST. There will be three 20 minute sitting periods divided by a five minute kinhin break. For more information please contact us here.


Thursday Class & Daisan with Ryuen Sense is open to any and all Lost Coin students. Join us on Zoom from 4:30-5:30 p PST // 5:30-6:30p MT // 7:30-8:30 EST. For more information please contact us here.