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Falling leaves

Flowers Fall

September 16-21, 2014 | San Rafael, California at Santa Sabina Center

The 9th annual Lost Coin Gathering of the Clan and Retreat September 16-21, 2014 will be held in San Rafael, California at Santa Sabina Center.

In The Way of Everyday Life (Genjokoan), Dogen Zenji points to the fact that all things are nothing other than the true self and that the realized way is each day of our life. He also says that this is the very same life where flowers fall and time passes and there is loss and fear and sadness.

Autumn is a particularly poignant time as we watch the flowers and leaves fade and fall. At this autumn gathering, we can transmute these feelings of loss and sadness and fear as we embrace them. We can begin to close the gap between our usual intellectual understanding of our lives as the way of flowers falling and a true and deep realization of this truth.

We can live this deep and mysterious truth together at Flowers Fall. Join us in September!

We will also be celebrating the flowering of two more Lost Coin senior students(Shusso Hossen) and a Shiho (transmission ceremony) during this retreat.

Register now at http://www.meetup.com/SF-Lost-Coins-Group/ where you can find the logistics and details. We are expecting a good-sized gathering so reserve your place soon.
Watch Doen Sensei talk about the Flowers Fall Retreat






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