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Welcome to Lost Coin T.R.E.C.
Teaching, Relationship, Excellence and Creativity

November 11th – November 12th, 2017 | Sebastopol, CA

Join us for an informal and intimate weekend at Lost Coin Sebastapol during which Roshi will teach both in group format and individually while focusing on these four areas: teaching, relationship, excellence, and creativity.

Certainly important to those on the teacher track or interested in exploring the idea of teaching, as well as those involved with our flourishing Arts and Scholars group, this is a general program useful to anyone’s practice.

We will sit together in the morning, (two half-hour sitting periods). The rest of the weekend will consist of one-on-one and group conversations and processes relating to T.R.E.C. The days will start at 9 am with sitting and morning session until noon with a 2-hour break for lunch. There are many small restaurants near Lost Coin property and in nearby Sebastopol. The afternoon session will begin at 2 and end at 5 p.m. There will be coffee/tea and water provided. On Saturday evening there are plans for a group dinner at a restaurant in the area to familiarize everyone with the beautiful wine and apple country surrounding Lost Coin Zen Sebastapol.

This is a rare opportunity to study with Roshi in a completely informal manner: a great way to understand his vision of practice, especially as it relates to T.R.E.C. It also promises to be a wonderful celebration of Lost Coin Sebastapol and our new Temple, Tanren (The Forge). No rakasus or robes are necessary.

If you need help with accommodations or transportation, we have compiled a list of varied places to stay nearby and research into Santa Rosa airport and buses. In addition, some of you may wish to stay with local students and others can pitch your tents on the land.

Feel free to bring your partners and children. They are welcome to get acquainted with our new place and the area, in general. Depending on the weather, there is a beautiful swimming pool and walking/biking trails, vineyards galore.

Teaching Donation: $500

Please register with Rebecca at Rebecca@longokura.com by October 15, 2017 so we can prepare our new training center for this first workshop!!
Please tell Rebecca your accommodation needs so we can help.



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