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Lost Coin’s Annual Gathering of the Clan and Retreat

August 25th – August 30th, 2015 | San Rafael, Santa Sabina Center


The Traveler’s Way is the way of reality.

The Way is derived from ancient and modern understandings of our journey through life.

We are travelers passing through.

Our ordinary understanding views impermanence and loss in a way that creates feelings of victimization and helplessness.

The traveler is neither a victim nor helpless and uses the realities of life and death to create freedom and power.

Join Doen Roshi and Lost Coin clan for 5 days of practice in this Way of liberation.

Our retreats are always more than the sum of their parts, so be ready for surprises and singular moments within the schedule of zazen (meditation), dokusan (private interview with Roshi), daily teisho (formal talks by Roshi), silent meals and body practice.

We will be at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael again, so the atmosphere will be contemplative, aiding the internal silence that is the door to the Traveler’s Way.

Registration begins now.

Because of our contract with Santa Sabina Center, register by July 15th with a $650 deposit, the remainder to be paid by August 15th.

Please stay at Santa Sabina Center, even if you live close by. The extra energy and immersion creates a far more powerful experience for yourself and everyone, which is the point of this gathering of the clan.

Single Occupancy $1405 – July 15 deposit of $650 = $755 remainder by August 15.

Double Occupancy $1300 – July 15 deposit of $650 = $650 remainder by August 15.

* These amounts include the teaching donation for Roshi and three meals each day.

If it is absolutely impossible for you to stay at the Center, please contact us to discuss.

Register by emailing rebecca@longokura.com

Please let her know what type of occupancy you request, if you have any roommate preferences, and any food restrictions or allergies.

Payments may be sent to Lost Coin, 77 Park Hill Avenue, SF, Ca 94117, or given to Rebecca in Salt Lake City, or paid on Lost Coin PayPal. Please send PayPal payments to payments@lostcoinzen.com

The retreat will begin at 4:00 p.m. August 25, 2015 and ends at approximately 1 p.m. on Sunday the 30th of August. You can arrange transportation, if needed from the local airports.

From and to SFO airport http://www.marinairporter.com/

From and to Oakland airport http://www.airportexpressinc.com/tab-4.php

Watch Roshi’s video about the upcoming Workshop.



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