The mission of Lost Coin Zen is to integrate the ancient tradition of Zen with contemporary, western “everyday life.”  We use the breadth of our contemporary lives as the cauldron of practice. Lost Coin training includes retreats and workshops, daily meditation, koan study, weekly meetings with Dharma talks, and personal interview with the teacher. Lost Coin practices without a brick-and-mortar monastery with the understanding that the place of practice, the place of realization, the place we wake up – is everyday life and includes our job, our relationships, and our family.

Lost Coin is an international organization with weekly meetings in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Duesseldorf. The Lost Coin Clan comes together for sesshin/intensives and workshops at least four times yearly. We practice together and remain close through our Artists & Scholars Group, The Lost Coin Study Center, online meetings, and email groups.