About Doen Roshi

Daniel Doen Silberberg, Roshi, is a Zen teacher, author and founder of Lost Coin Zen, Inc., an international non-profit Zen training organization based in San Francisco.

Roshi received Zen transmission in the White Plum Lineage in 2006 and Inka in 2015, after 35 years of traditional practice with three Zen teachers. Prior to that he spent 15 years studying with Fourth Way teachers and received permission to teach Fourth Way groups. Doen’s teaching is focused on creating a meaningful practice for students who live thoroughly modern lives with families, relationships and careers, but who also have a strong desire to practice The Way.

Lost Coin trains students to empower themselves and to embrace their everyday lives as the rich cauldron for spiritual practice. The training incorporates traditional essentials of Zen and the Fourth Way practices including zazen, koan study, close work with Roshi, study and exercises, and adapts these forms to our world today.

Doen brings to his teaching a warm, genuine style enriched by his own eclectic background. This includes work as a practicing psychologist and award-winning composer. At present he is writing and teaching Lost Coin Zen.

Zen Groups:

Lost Coin has an international group of students. Join us for sitting and classes in your area or contact us to learn how you can become a distant student and study with Doen Roshi from anywhere.



• San Francisco, CA    • Salt Lake City, UT    • Pompano Beach, FL    • Duesseldorf, Germany



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