What becomes increasingly clear to me is how the two sides of practice are dependent on each other. Realization has traditionally been accomplished by sitting and often the use of other methods – koan study, talks, as well as one on one work with the teacher. There is, I think, an assumption that seeing the one mind, the true nature of the self leads to embodiment, or application in everyday life. I think this is not necessarily so. Even after we see who we are, find the Lost Coin, it is still very easy to be identified with the conditioned self. Its easy to still be really stuck in our old patterns, particularly negative ones, the ones that hurt us and others -fear, dissatisfaction and anger. Our realization can become a concept and the conditioned self can really be the part of us that is running the show.
The good news is that realizing this creates a real opportunity for us. It is the opportunity to engage in practices that observe the conditioned self. This is the use of consciousness rather than analysis. As our realization of the one mind deepens our identification with our conditioned self can weaken. We can find distance from it. We can see it. Just seeing it weakens our mechanical way of operating and the cause and effect it creates.
Working in this way we can really develop our practice and freedom in everyday life.