We’re all just traveling through this life.  We are all going to die, and our lives pass quickly.  The warrior-traveler is a realist; he doesn’t get lost in the story of his life.  People who don’t realize they’re travelers act as though they will live forever, and this is just unrealistic.
Remember, too, that everyone else is a traveler; they and all the things they care about are just passing through.  Everyone is going to die.  Remembering this can make us treat others more kindly; when we think someone will be around forever, we don’t give them the same kind of care and respect.
Knowing that you’re just passing through can be scary, but it’s also liberating.  When you’re a traveler-warrior, when you understand that you’re just passing through life, not a whole lot matters.  And when you really understand this, you can focus on what you really want.  Knowing that you’re just passing through, knowing that you’re going to die–what do you want to do with your life?