On Tuesday February 14, 2006, Doen Sensei started a study group called “Exploring Excellence.”  Elena James, Steve Marteney, Joan Degiorgio, and I were there on that first night, and many others who have come and gone since those days.  Other current students of Lost Coin started with the group soon thereafter including Sterling Okura and Tawni Anderson.
After four years of Lost Coin, I can sincerely say that you are all wonderful people and each of you have changed me and helped me endlessly.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Lost Coin; it is so important to have the support and help of others in this practice.
Most of all, thank you Doen for four years of effort, inspiration, and patience.  And Caryn, thank you for your good humor and high tolerance as we invaded your home, your time, and Doen’s attention.
With students now in multiple countries and many states, and with groups in Dusseldorf, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco, the fifth year of Lost Coin promises to be the best yet!  Thank you for making that so.
Rebecca Ryuen Long Okura