This photo of an inscription and calligraphy is inside a book called “The Flight of Dragons.” John Daido Loori Roshi gave it to me in 1986.   I had been his student for 6 years at this time.  The recent death of Daido the Old Dragon, reminded me to look for it.  The lore of the Dragon is part of the ancient heritage of both the East and West. This lore was passed directly to me by Daido Roshi and is now part of the lore of Lost Coin.  The dragon referred to here is the one that fills heaven and earth, past and present. Its gigantic body reaches in all directions. Its flight dims the sun and darkens the stars. It’s eye is the awakened eye – your eye.

For Doen
The word Dragon itself
Means “Seeing”
You must never Meet a Dragon’s
Gaze or you will be Powerless.
When you see as the Dragon’s Eye
You are empowered.
Remember the Dragon Speaks
In Riddles and Koans.
It Knows as Much about you
As you know yourself.
Happy Birthday
Tremper Mountain
March 15, 1986