Into the sun
Throughout the history of Zen and Taoism, masters and practitioners have spoken of “The Way” or “The Tao.”  This refers to the great way, the way of reality.  The Chinese say “the way of heaven and earth.”  This great way is synonymous with awakening, enlightenment, our true nature, the lost coin.
At the same time, the great way is no different than “the way” of everyday life.
Harmonizing the great way and the way of everyday life, making them one is our practice.  It is retrieving our true life.
Excellence in our daily life, relationship, business, science, art, parenting is the pursuit of the way.  It is the way of the practitioner who is not defeated by adversity, but instead looks at challenges as an opportunity to create and perfect.
Lost Coin continues this tradition.
What a wonderful way to live our lives – fully and with great respect (energy) for everything we do, others and ourselves.  To throw ourselves completely into our life, to study and utilize the knowledge of the “ways,” to close the gap and become one with our life – this is the “Way.”
Creative Commons License photo credit: James Jordan