Human highway

I have been reading a book by  psychologist and trading coach Brett N. Steenbarger , The Daily Trading Coach. He asks:” Why would a trader seemingly desirous of success not sustain efforts to monitor her own thoughts, emotions,and/or trading performance? ” He paraphrases coach Bob Knight who answers with ……..” they are motivated to win, but not motivated to do the work it takes to become a winner. “

I find this an accurate description of a pitfall in the quest for self-knowledge or excellence.  Throughout my training in Zen as well as in martial arts halls  I saw myself and others became lost in the desire to “pass” koans and achieve a position or rank  in the hierarchy.  It is easy to forget that training is about who you are, not how you appear to others.
Lost Coin’s emphasis on excellence is about”being” excellent.  It’s about self-mastery, self-discovery – not winning but “being” a winner.
Creative Commons License photo credit: kevindooley