hoje é quinta

Imagine that there is a television screen and a large number of sneakers are scampering across it.  The screen is crowded. That screen is our mind and the shoes are our endless thoughts. As we train and practice we can see the shoes slowing down.  Sometimes,  they slow down so much that we can see the screen itself.

Eventually the screen is what we see, rather than the shoes.  The screen is really who we are.  The shoes hide that.

Seeing the screen lets us cut loose from where we are stuck: all those familiar shoes.  That translates into the ability to change both our actions and perceptions: to get unstuck.  From that we develop the increasing ability to adapt to all kinds of circumstances.
This ability to adapt is the road to excellence and mastery. The Ancients called it The Way.
The fact that Darwin said adaptability is the key to survival and evolution is certainly no coincidence.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ana_Cotta