When the UNSEEN becomes SEEN, beauty EMERGES! Galway, the gateway to the West of IRELAND : Reflections of BEAUTY : Enjoy! :)

Many people understand “being in the now” as what Zen is all about.  First of all, everyone is” in the now” all the time, anyway 🙂

The real problem is in the understanding part of it.

You can have a great life, accomplish all you want and discover who you really are without knowing what its all about. I mean lets get real -who does? In fact, understanding can make it harder to be “in the now”.  Understanding limits you. Understanding limits your understanding.

Werner Erhart, founder of EST , now known as The Landmark Forum:  www.landmarkeducation.com/once said “In life, understanding is the booby prize.”

Am I advocating a certain kind of stupidity?
I certainly am. It’s a kind of stupidity that can set us free.
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