“Sit, be still, and listen,

because you’re drunk

and we’re at

the edge of the roof.”

This quote by Rumi is difficult to add  to. But I find it so amazing that I’m going to try. We seem to be filled with our own thoughts and agendas. We don’t originate those thoughts or the agendas, yet they drive us. They are mechanical and we act them out like a machine or sleepwalker. Rumi is suggesting that we  might want to wake up and that we might want to do it before we fall off the roof. As I like to say “If only, if only, if only – dead.
Rumi is saying we are asleep, drunk. Just a few minutes of being awake in the beautiful unknowable world. What is it worth? How much we might experience and be able to do if we weren’t drunk.
He gives us the key to all of it. Sit, be still and listen. In addition to that we can practice not being asleep/drunk in our daily lives. These actions  create a powerful practice. That practice is transmitted from one person to another, handed down through time for those of us who are not completely drunk. We can act on that esoteric or special knowledge. It takes courage and making up our minds.
The edge of the roof is in sight.
If only, if only, if only – dead.
photo credit: h.koppdCreative Commons Licenseelaney