Lost Coin: Principles and Practice. A Day of Study, Reflection and Renewal
Saturday, June 25 (note change of date) from 10:30 a.m. until 6:30 pm, Lost Coin Zen and Doen Sensei will gather in San Raphael, at the beautiful and peaceful private home of Scot and Diane, members of Lost Coin SF.
The day will be an exploration in some depth of Lost Coin’s integration of traditional Zen Buddhist studies and practices: koans and zazen(meditiation) and other related practices from Tibetan and 4th way sources. This unique combination gives Lost Coin its particular flavor and its modern approach.
The morning will focus on the traditional Zen Buddhist base with zazen, discussion, daisan(private interview with the teacher) and a traditional talk by Sensei.
Lunch will be pot luck and buffet style so bring a dish to share please.
The afternoon will hone in on the other practices that complete the Lost Coin path, including 4th way and Tibetan Buddhist (Vajrayana) that make us a unique and a particularly appropriate practice for modern times.
To conclude the day, we will participate in Fusatsu, a moving and intimate ceremony of renewal, traditionally practiced once a month around the full moon.
This workshop is geared toward current students but would also be great for anyone who is interested in knowing who we are and what we do. Friends who have had questions or expressed interest in Lost Coin, or those you wish to introduce to Lost Coin are especially invited.
Please bring zafus and zabutans and your rakasu, if you have them.
There is no set charge for the day, but a donation(dana) for the day’s teaching would be greatly appreciated.
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Aci Castello - The edge

PRACTICING THE EDGE- the theme of this year’s gathering of the clan (sangha).
The retreat will be held at Asilomar Conference and Retreat Center in Pacific Grove, California, October 6-10th. Please see to get a sense of the beauty of the setting for our 5- day retreat. The great Pacific Ocean on the Monterrey Peninsula, rolling sand dunes, the neighboring San Lucia Mountains are all around us.
Since we are an international group: students in Florida, New York, Toronto, Dusseldorf, England and the Netherlands, as well as Salt Lake City and San Francisco, and rarely get to meet together at one time, this will be an opportunity to renew and remember our bond with each other and Lost Coin and invigorate our practice as a group. We have organized this retreat more than 6 months in advance and encourage all of you to make arrangements to attend. We are really looking forward to this retreat. Those of you who were in Mendocino last year know how powerful the gathering can be, and how instrumental in your lives.
We have reserved an entire Lodge at the Retreat Center with its own large living room with fireplace which we will use as a zendo to privately gather together for zazen, (meditation) talks, daisan,(private interview with the teacher, discussions and group activities.
The accommodations consist of a dozen double rooms, with additional space available at the next Lodge over. Asilomar has agreed to accept a fee of $780 for double occupancy lodging for us including three meals a day, snacks and beverages included with check -in the afternoon of October 5 and check out 11 am October 10 (5 nights, 4 and one half days). The teaching fee to Doen Sensei for the retreat is $475.
Register on the Meetup Lost Coin SF site please to reserve your spot and make your deposit. As the retreat time approaches, Sensei will have more information on the details of the schedule and ceremonies that will take place.
This retreat is open to current Lost Coin students and to the public. Any questions,
These events are also posted under EVENTS tab on the Lost Coin website:
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