Happy Colorful Christmas to every one

There is no need to seek truth

just put a stop to your opinions

Dualistic constructs don’t endure,

so take care not to pursue them.

As soon as “for” or “against” arise

the mind is lost in confusion

Every opposition under the sun

derives merely from false thinking

This  excerpt from “Relying on Mind” by Seng -ts’an was written in the second century. At first, when we read it our minds tend to go to the moral,  or we simply dismiss these words as mystical. This invaluable teaching is  none of that and contains all of that.

They are words about the power of the way and the wayfarer. They speak to the most profound and to everyday life.

Every opposition our thoughts create separate us from the true world, the true self – our home. Every dualistic thought puts a fence around the infinity of our spirit and being.

Every false thought produces walls and barriers that haunt us and stop us in all our endeavors.

Seng – ts’an is waiting for someone who has the “fire” to practice this and the courage to live it.

I wonder who that might be?

Creative Commons License photo credit: law_keven