Hubble image of Arp 194

“And, again, it has been discovered that all the world is made of the same atoms, that the stars are of the same stuff as ourselves.  It then becomes a question of where did our stuff come from.  Not just where did life come from, or where did the earth come from, but where did the stuff of life and of the earth come from?  It looks as if it was belched from some exploding star, much as some of the stars are exploding now.
So this piece of dirt waits four and one half billion years and evolves and changes, and now a strange creature stands here with instruments and talks to the strange creatures in the audience.  What a wonderful world!”
From Zen Teacher Daniel Doen Silberberg to Science and Dharma teacher Richard Feynman – gratitude for your life – deep bows.
.photo credit: kevindooley