.TIME FLIES.....................*

An adept  – a warrior is always the subject of her own careful scrutiny. Always asking herself the same questions. Am I really practicing? Am I really doing my best? Am I really giving 110%. Am I really letting go of my prejudices, my rightness, my stuckness, my fear? This is the joy of the way the adept lives  – with commitment and really demanding the very best from herself as often as she can.
The important word in all this, the one that comes up over and over again is really.
Why wouldn’t anyone choose to live with this freedom and power?  The power to make every day of life a joyful challenge.  The answer is no one chooses not to live like this – the enemy makes this choice.
The enemy,  whose name is fear or  inertia, small mindedness – whatever hat it is wearing that day, is very clever. It tells you that it is wisdom, practicality, reasonable caution, maturity. It is whispering in your ear right now as the moments of your life disappear – telling you not to change anything.  It is depriving you of your spirit, your freedom, your courage. It is depriving you of your life
Creative Commons License photo credit: Neal.