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Join Lost Coin Zen at The Buddhist Society Saturday September 10, 2011
Address: 58 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PH Time: 10am – 1pm Price: £15
We will explore the fundamentals of Zen practice based on the famous talks given by renowned Zen teacher Yasutani Roshi (1885-1973). He gave these talks to introduce Zen training to Westerners.
Yasutani Roshi is the Dharma grandfather of Doen Sensei, founder of Lost Coin Zen, an international Zen group that synthesizes the Soto and Rinzai sects of Zen as taught through Yasutani Roshi, Maezumi Roshi and the White Plum Asangha.
This introduction to Zen practice will be led by Patrizia Kojin Nestby, a student of Daniel Doen Silberberg and Lost Coin Zen.
There will be time for practicing Zazen and for questions and answers. You will leave with a good understanding of the basics of Zen practice.
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Creative Commons License photo credit: francesco sgroi