A Dreamers Travel Destination

We find ourselves in a difficult  situation. We think we are awake, but we are mechanical/asleep. Our behaviors are manipulated  easily: to sell us things, convince us of things.
Our three ways of processing – intellectual, emotional and kinesthetic are mechanical. Input x and the output is y.
The code for our mechanical behaviors and perceptions was written a long time ago. This is so both in our personal lives and in the history of humanty. The interaction of  the intellectual, emotional and kinesthetic perceptions is also mechanical. When we think we are being logical we have usually been hijacked by our negative emotions or our fantasies. Thoughts proceed by themselves as do emotions.
We don’t make conscious choices.
Yes, we are living our life in a Skinner Box.(Or in the Matrix – if you are more familiar with that.)
What’s a poor boy or girl to do?
There is nothing to do when you are in a box or pod dreaming you are awake – except to wake up. To develop consciousness. So first that needs to be understood.
Only then does the hard work begin – and you need a method.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lucia..