A fractal night on my street

Form is exactly emptiness and emptiness is exactly form. This beautiful and difficult life  is enlightenment, the timeless season. Yet historically religious institutions, yes even Buddhism, have separated the two and discouraged the development of our personal lives.

For example, we were told that we should certainly not pay attention to our financial lives as we pursued the spiritual. Strangely enough,  the institutions telling us that owned fabulous amounts of property, the most elaborate real estate ever built in the form of churches and monasteries.   Who was it that was paying for all that?  Guess.
They also made science either criminal (remember Gallileo?) or irrelevant. Scientific thinking was taboo as well.  We have inherited so much of value from Buddhism but as we do with science,  we need to build on what is rational, what is of value and what is provable. In short, Buddhism needs to evolve.
In Lost Coin we want to go forward and make practice really new without discarding the traditional methods.  Our shaky world demands it.  Practice can’t be medieval or superstitious. We need to embrace our world – every inch and moment of it. Mind is Buddha, life is awakening. Every moment of it .
Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness is exactly form. This shore is the other shore.
photo credit: kevin dooleyCreative Commons License