We have the ability to become conscious of negative patterns that frighten us and hold us in place. We have the ability to expand our lives in ways that are liberating, exciting and enchanting. There is, however, a doorkeeper: a guard at the door. Our life, like any magical tale, is populated by many fantastic characters. The guard at the door often appears in our life’s magical tale as a towering monster who embodies our fear as well as our blame and lethargy.
However, the doorkeeper  is really only our mechanical negative thoughts.  Somewhere near the guard and the door is also a magic gem. It is called the stone of consciousness. This gem is  found by going through a dark tunnel of doubt and habit and hopelessness. If we think we can’t go through this tunnel,  it is of course impossible. The magic stone can help us go through.  The stone becomes a light that we can shine on ourselves. In the ancient magical books this process is called self observation or objectivity.  The rite of bringing consciousness to our life and actions.
The cost of bringing this light to our life and actions is letting go of the mechanical device called the mind of doubt and fear. We also must get rid of our lifelong companion Sir or Madam Victim.
Then we can use the magic stone to dissolve the doorkeeper and  enter our lives fully.