Our practice is about seeing things as they really are. Seeing reality. Seeing things as they really are is true intelligence. This seeing includes our view of ourselves, our world and the relationship between them. By removing the blinders of emotional and intellectual conditioning we can gradually see reality clearly, that is, just as it is. So we can say that Lost Coins’ practice is the practice of  reality.

In order to  look at this practice of reality  in a systematic way, we can divide it into three basic aspects: the spiritual, the psychological and the scientific.

 The spiritual aspect comes from seeing the depths of who we really are and the wonder of knowing that like infinity, it is ultimately unknowable.

The psychological aspect  consists of developing objectivity,  seeing our mechanical conditioning and in congress with the spiritual,  freeing ourselves from introjected patterns which stem from  ignorance, habit or negative emotion.

The third aspect is scientific, like physics or behaviorism.  It is the study of the cause and effect of our actions. The study needs to be accurate.   It took a long time for people to understand that no matter how many rams, cows or first born they slayed  it did not deter the plague or famine.

Real intelligence is both intellectual and emotional. When our practice develops, both clarity and empathy evolve. Fear recedes.

It is my sincere belief that in practicing with these understandings,  Lost Coin can create a culture of practice that is appropriate to this time and place and the emerging intelligence that is the future.