Generally speaking, religion is often tied to some discrete past event: a miracle, the manifestation of a deity,  or the enlightenment experience of the Buddha.
On the other hand, science, technology and art are based on an evolving understanding. For instance, the union of human and machine thinking and the exploration of our universe and extraterrestrial life may radically alter our idea of the possibilities inherent in the self and reality are.
Although science, technology and art are not religious approaches, they include a limitless spirituality as we uncover an endless and ungraspable reality.
Rather than the religious approach, Lost Coin is based on this spiritual dimension.
It does not mean we are discarding the past but hoping to “stand on its shoulders.”
Zen’s past does not address psychology, cognitive science or questions of evolution and intelligence. We are beginning to incorporate all this in order to develop a practice that is more objective and based not on what the lineage was but on the integrity of how it manifests through its participants now.
It is easy to see what is necessary if we are willing to look. Although we can see realization as an incredible foundation, our clarity and action need to continuously to evolve. 
For some, this approach may be disturbing, We often desire  fixed answers and stances. We take comfort in foregone conclusions.
This is also true  on the level of our daily practice. Clinging to the known, feeling that all answers come from the past, wanting pat solutions are the result of fear and self protection. This limits our lives and our practice.
Maezumi Roshi often told me that he was “dissatisfied with his understanding”. I hope we too can be dissatisfied and walk through the gateless gate.