“Well,” he said with equanimity, “you see, in my opinion there is no point at all in talking about music. I never talk about music. What reply, then, was I to make to your very able and just remarks? You were perfectly right in all you said. But, you see, I am a musician, not a professor, and I don’t believe that, as regards music, there is the least point in being right. Music does not depend on being right, on having good taste and education and all that.”
“Indeed. Then what does it depend on?”
“On making music, Herr Haller, on making music as well and as much as possible and with all the intensity of which one is capable. That is the point, Monsieur.
Herman Hesse “Steppenwolf”

And Zen practice is just the same.
It is not about knowing anything or going anywhere.
It is about forgetting the self and being the music we will never know called life.
And life is always right here.
Right here is the beginning and end of the song.
It is the place where life can be “played” with all the intensity of which one is capable.