Early Evening Algebra

the magic light


Early Evening Algebra

The madwoman went marking X’s
With a piece of school chalk
On the backs of unsuspecting
Hand-holding, homebound couples.

It was winter. It was dark already.
One could not see her face
Bundled up as she was and furtive.
She went as if wind-swept, as if crow-winged.

The chalk must have been given to her by a child.
One kept looking for him in the crowd,
Expecting him to be very pale, very serious,
With a chip of black slate in his pocket.-Charles Simic

Simic, the great poet, has taken us on a mysterious journey.

Like a great magician the mind becomes anything – a piece of chalk, winter dark, a child carrying a book in an unknown place.

The “ordinary mind” not so ordinary is it?




photo by: Eddi van W.