Distant Students

Doen Roshi offers a rare opportunity to students who are not local to Dusseldorf, Salt Lake City, or San Francisco.  Doen has many “virtual” or distant students with whom he primarily interfaces through email and video conferencing.  Doen does monthly daisan with these students through skype and these students are expected to regularly attend retreats, login for video conferencing, and make sure that they are as active in the practice and the Lost Coin group as possible.   Distant teaching and being a distant student requires a real commitment on the part of both the teacher and the student because proximity is a source of so much subtle teaching.  However, Doen has found that if the student is engaged, dedicated, and open, teaching by way of modern technology can also be very intimate and fulfilling because of the depth of effort needed.  This unique opportunity allows any home practitioner to have the benefits of a direct teacher.  If you are interested in becoming a distant student of Doen Roshi’s please contact us at contact@lostcoinzen.com, call 800-731-5061, or fill out the contact form found on the contact page of this website.

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  1. George Koshy says:

    I am interested in learning more about becoming a “distant student” with Doen Sensei. I have been practicing zazen for almost a year at a local Zen center. I recently began listening to Doen Sensei’s lectures through the Study Center and found them very clear and applicable to daily life. I would be receptive to seeing how I might incorporate Zen and Fourth Way teachings to make penetrating and sustained changes to my current manner of living. I have done very little in the way of Koan study and would like some guidance in that regard as well. I am a physician, so my schedule might not permit me to be available on certain nights or weekends, but I usually know my schedule a month in advance. Thanks.

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