Today in Salt Lake City Doen held a book signing for his just-released Wonderland:  The Zen of Alice.  We had known that Wonderlandwas swiftly rising up the Amazon best-sellers (in the Zen and philosophy categories), but were all a bit surprised when Doen’s book was sold out a mere 45 minutes after the signing started!
We eked out the books, promising to hold another signing as soon as we could get one put together, and Doen graciously chatted with the crowd that had come hoping to walk out with several copies each.  But one determined biker would not be deterred.  After riding to the book store on a fairly warm day, hearing that the book was sold out, and making sure (“very sure, no, Doen is not kidding”) that it really was sold out, he hesitated not a moment longer, pushed up his shirt sleeve, and presented his arm for Doen to sign and stamp with his chop.
Doen and Stephen


The party continued for quite a while after the books were gone.  For those of you in Salt Lake, stay tuned:  we hope to organize another signing (with a reading, perhaps, and maybe even a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) in the next few weeks.
If you’re outside of Salt Lake City, please check out the list of upcoming signings here.  Doen will be in San Francisco this Thursday, October 1st, signing copies of Wonderland at Books Inc. 
We’ll try to keep you up to date with his flurry of book signings as he goes through the West coast.  Check back here at the blog (subscribe to the RSS feed for the easiest updates) or on the Lost Coin website‘s Events page.  We’re also using Lost Coin’s Facebook group page a lot more; if you’re on Facebook, search for Lost Coin and sign up!