Empty Cage
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney
Liberation is being set free from our own conditioned thoughts and beliefs. It is also freedom from the mechanical actions and reactions that come from them.  Most of us would say that they want to be free but at the same time we want to achieve that while holding on to our conditioned thoughts and beliefs, as well as, continuing to do thing in the way we always have.
Its a simple but profound problem.
Fear is what stands in the way even if it is only the fear of discomfort.
Enduring some discomfort doesn’t seem such a high price to pay for our freedom, yet we are often unwilling to pay it. If we examine it carefully we may see that it all adds up to giving up our limitations and the suffering these limitations create.
Strangely enough it seems like our suffering is the last thing we want to give up.