Raindrop Galaxy

As we enter the New Year, which I hope is a happy one for everyone, we have completed our first monthly update of the new Lost Coin Study Center.  This update contains new videos, audio and conscious art by myself and others in our lineage. We are excited by the potential of The Study Center and hope you will check it out.
I happened upon  this poem which was written by the great Zen poet Ryokan and posted on Facebook recently by Joan Halifax, Roshi.  She is a teacher in the White Plum Lineage who I respect and admire.  Here is the poem.  Please consider it a New Year’s gift.

Leave off your mad rush for gold and jewels
I’ve got something far more precious for you:
A bright pearl that shines more brilliantly than the sun and moon
And illuminates each and every eye.
Lose it and you’ll wallow in a sea of pain;
Find it and you’ll safely reach the other shore.
I’d freely present this treasure to anyone
But hardly any one asks for it

photo credit: Harpagornis ~aCreative Commons Licenseway~